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Egg Bank

Procedure Guide


For many years men have been able to freeze sperm. Recent scientific advances have made it possible to cryopreserve eggs for women. Now women have the ability to cryopreserve eggs.


The freezing process called vitrification has allowed egg freezing to become a reality. Vitrification involves a rapid freezing process that prevents ice crystals from forming within vitrified cells including eggs. Ice crystal damage to the cells that occurred with slow freezing protocols that were used for decades for embryos and sperm did not work well for egg freezing.


BHASKAR IVF Centre has extensive experience with the vitrification freezing process over the last few years while cryopreserving embryos. This experience has allowed us to have early success with oocyte vitrification.


The actual treatment process involves part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. Briefly, a woman would have 10-12 days of daily injections to cause a group of her eggs to mature and develop. During this time, blood levels and ultrasounds will be done to monitor her response to the medicines.


To remove the matured eggs, the woman then undergoes a brief in office outpatient procedure under light anesthesia to remove the eggs. Once removed and inspected by an embryologist, the mature eggs will be frozen until the woman would want to use them.

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